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“First of all I would like to thank you for your time and patience. Also your help in contributing to our new marketing campaign. I am looking forward to continuing business with Ray Salem.”

– John S. Business Journal – (909) 605-8800


“I use Ray’s service for my logo and my e mail advertising. I increase my business by a 1000% believe it or not. Also the customer service has been very helpful for me. This is a great idea, I want to let others know that this will work for you too. Thanks.”

-Max Cherubin 909-263-7364


“I had a meeting yesterday with a professional ad agency and the first thing they asked me was where did I get such a great logo and who designed it for me! They said it was very clever, extremely well done and suited the company just perfect! Thanks again for doing such a great job!!! ”

Natalie P. with Healthy Living Events LLC


Ray is very intelligent, well disciplined and goal oriented. He made a very thorough marketing plan for my project and hopefully we will continue working on executing the plan in the near future. He is honest, trustworthy and reliable and he makes sure to provide you what you need for your business. Thank you! Nirvana w/

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